Welcome to Western Isles Mussels, producer of the finest Scottish shellfish for over 30 years.

Surrounded by the fearsome Atlantic Ocean, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Western Isles an unforgiving place for our seafarers. Yet, whilst the power of nature is often demonstrated around our coastline, the Gulf Stream also provides us with surprisingly mild water temperatures and an abundance of nutrients year-round, making for ideal mussel-growing conditions.

Our carefully chosen sites in fast flowing tidal lochs also given an excellent balance between shelter and foodsources for our shellfish, producing clean, delicious mussels with an excellent meat content, packed full of micro-nutrients.

If you’d like to get in touch or have questions about our products and services, you can contact us at westernislesmussels@outlook.com.

Mussels: the organic superfood you’ve overlooked for too long. Oh, and they’re low carbon.

The humble mollusc begins life on the microscopic scale, settling gently on our long lines during the early summer months. From their new homes, they mature quickly, growing to several centimeters in length by harvest time.

Although they may not look it, mussels are surprisingly dynamic as they move around on the ropes looking for the right balance between salinity, water-oxygenation and food. They grip hard to the ropes with their sticky ‘beards’, filtering nutrients from the tidal currents until it’s time for harvest, where mature mussels are  graded out and sent to market, while small mussels are returned to the lines. Mussels are also extremely nutritious and environmentally friendly.

A tough day at the office; someone’s got to do it.

This is Loch Erisort – one of our “offices”. The other is Loch Leurbost. Both are deep sea lochs with Grade-A waters, year-round and scenic surroundings.  What more could we ask for?